Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Yo yo Quilt

We've spent the last couple days furniture shopping and my poor little brain is fried. This is stressful for me for some reason and I feel like I could go lay down and sleep for a couple days.
Today, though, we walked into Ethan Allen and I actually saw a yo-yo quilt on one of the beds. I couldn't believe it! Its black with multi colored yo-yos actually placed next to each other. It looks like they did similar to what I'm doing - adding the yo-yos to a finished quilt. Except theirs were attached with larger running stitches that showed up quite clearly on the back of the quilt and the yo-yos were somewhat smooshy. It was a whopping $699 for the queen! I tried taking a picture of it with my phone and it didn't come out too clearly. The picture on the website is clearer, but its hard to tell that they are yo-yos. Its kinda cool, though. Even if the colors are not really me at all, it was very stricking in a mostly black and white bedroom.

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Thimbleanna said...

Ah, yes...I saw this quilt in an Ethan Allen leaflet I received in the mail a few weeks ago and I thought of you!