Friday, June 01, 2007

Don't sew your fingers

I stayed up late last night because once I started on the baby quilt, I couldn't stop. Okay, it wasn't that much later than I normally go to bed, but later than I ought to be allowed to operate a sewing machine. I was very nearly finished with it when I realized that I had just stuck the needle through the fingernail on my thumb. It only grazed my finger enough to draw blood, but I almost didn't even feel it. Okay. That scared me. The funny thing was that the machine didn't even hesitate. I just kept going because I only had a few seconds left. Wierd.

Anyway, I put the binding on today, so it is finished, but I want to wash it before I show it to you because I'm not sure I like it as well without washing. The quilting really dominates and you see it almost before the fabrics. So maybe tomorrow.

So here's a picture instead. This is some variety of peony that shoots up in the middle of my tree peony. I suppose I should chop it off, but I only seem to remember that right before it blooms and then I don't want to.

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