Saturday, June 02, 2007

Baby Things

Ta da! Finished baby quilt and blanket for the baby who is still nameless. Just kidding. I'm sure she has a name, but we don't know what it is! He was my husband's roommate for 3 years of college and best man in our wedding. We have them down as "friends" in MySp*ce, but we still don't manage to keep in touch well. How terrible is that? I've been harrassing my husband to e-mail him or call, but haven't had any luck there.

Anyway, on to the quilt . . . in all its soft & wrinkly glory. Its a little girly for me, but its sure cuddly!

Pink & White Striped Binding

Then I also had an irresistable urge to crochet a baby blanket as well, so I did, using Alicia Paulson's Tiramisu Blanket. Its was very easy to make, although I ended up starting over about halfway through and using a hook several sizes bigger than the pattern calls for. Maybe I stitch really tight? I don't know. But it turned out very cute at any rate.


Thimbleanna said...

Love them both! You've been working hard. And I certainly don't think the baby quilt is too girly!

Gina said...

both are very yummy! Great job.