Sunday, September 21, 2008

Labor Day

Panther Hollow Bridge

I never seem to get around to posting anything about the 'Burgh. I guess its hard to tote a camera around to places sometimes. Must work on that.

Panther Hollow Lake

We didn't do too much for Labor Day. We did go for a walk in Panther Hollow in Schenley Park in the hopes that it would be fun for us and get Dutch some exercise. The little guy is a trooper. He doesn't give up. I have the feeling that he would walk until he collapsed if we asked him too. I think it was the first walk we've taken him on that truly wore him out. Mostly he comes back and still wants to play. Darn dog.

Panther Hollow Lake

After the walk, we visited a friend who just bought his first house and stopped in at the Rib Festival near Heinz Field. Apparently this is a celebration of the kickoff of the football season? Who knew? I guess we don't normally get out much on weekends with The Man's schedule and we tend to miss stuff like this. Anyway, they had tons of food and it all smelled heavenly. They had concerts going on all weekend too. It was a great weekend for it. We picked up our ribs and headed home, since we had Dutch with us and they didn't seem to be letting dogs into the festival.

The Point

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