Monday, June 16, 2008


I have been wanting Adirondack chairs for ages and I saw these cheap cedar ones in JoAnns the other day, so I picked up a couple. They are cheap, but they're not too bad. The holes didn't quite line up right and he did split the wood a tiny bit putting them together. They didn't have enough long screws either, but other than that. . . I guess we'll find out how long they last! They were on sale for $35 or so, and good ones are way more than that.

I decided to stain them rather than paint, since The Man didn't seem to interested in painted chairs. What's with men and paint anyway? So stain them it is. I got water-based Minwax stain in Colonial Pine and it wasn't until after I finished the first chair that I noticed that it said "not for outdoor use." Hm. So now I guess we'll have to figure out what to put on as a top coat that will make it outdoor-useable. I know that they would weather to a nice gray in theory, but I'm not sure I want them to.
But I like how they turned out. It wasn't too hard to do. I would recommend, however, actually stirring the stain before using it. I neglected to do that. I know, I know, its a surprise, considering how I usually carefully consider things like that before I begin. I did shake it, but stirring would have been the thing to do. I'm a genius. I know.


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Thimbleanna said...

Man, you have the best knack for finding things at JoAnn's that I totally miss. I remember when you found that cool cake plate there. I love adirondacks. I laughed at your commenting about hubby and painting -- and when you said he doesn't like to pick strawberries -- sounds like he'd get along great with my hubby. Men should live together and women should live together. The Shakers were on to something LOL!