Friday, June 13, 2008


We have strawberries. Yay! We tried to find a cheaper place to find strawberries this year, but no such luck. We gave in and went to Trax Farms. I was hoping that we could pick some of our own with the little time that we had, but it started pouring down rain just as we arrived. I went ahead and bought some already picked because The Man insisted. He hates picking them.

I bought 17 quarts. Eek. That was ridiculously expensive. I did find some cute ruffled terracotta pots and had to have those as well. I resisted buying any more flowers, though, and that's a feat, since I have a terrible weak spot for flowers! They even had some of the metal planters like we bought for Mom in Springfield and I managed to walk away. Oh, and there's an antique section there as well and I found an all-white embroidered tablecloth with lace that I resisted buying. Such restraint I have!

I spent the afternoon taking the tops off and I froze most of them whole to use later for jam or for making smoothies. I love throwing some whole frozen strawberries in a blender with yogurt and milk and pineapples or bananas or whatever. I'm craving a strawberry rhubarb pie just now. Must have a least one pie, right?


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your strawberry and rhubarb pie sounds delicious! I have never thought of putting those two together. Have fun making your jam!

Suzie said...

Those strawberries look delicious!!