Thursday, June 12, 2008

We have patio furniture!

Yay! We finally ordered some patio furniture from Bellacor a week or so ago and it arrived on Tuesday.

There was a standoff at an apartment not far from our house that day and the police had blocked the one exit of 279 because it was so close to the apartment, so traffic on an already ridiculously busy Parkway was very backed up. We didn't have to go anywhere and had to wait to sign for the delivery anyway, but we were starting to think our furniture would have to be delayed as well. Fortunately, the delivery truck driver actually knew where he was going and it did arrive. The standoff ended peacefully, by the way. Its odd to have helicopters hovering around for hours on end though.


I was afraid it wouldn't fit right, since our patio is so small, but its not bad. We had to arrange some things and I don't think I like where The Man put his grill, but whatever. We'll figure it out. Its lovely to have a table and chairs out there though! Nevermind that we don't have a proper one in the house. Its nearly summer. We'll worry about that in the fall.

You can't really see it so well in the picture, but we centered the table between the two windows out there. Now I think its screaming for something on the wall behind. Darn. What to get? I'm thinking some metal wall art (like the scroll in the kitchen) would work. There were some that would have been perfect at the Springfield Antiques Show. Agh. Maybe another time.

Oh, and don't you think the bench should have some cute pillows? Must find something for out there. Too bad these aren't for outdoors.

Image from Pottery Barn

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