Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cr*ig'slist Find

I have been playing around looking at Cr*ig'slist lately and there seems to be a lot of stuff. If I were to buy a dining room table for just starting out, there's some good deals to be had. Its not really what I'm looking for now, but it would have worked before. Oh well. I was tempted to buy a few different tables for using as work tables in the basement, but The Man had the back of our truck full of other junk at the time, so I missed out.

This time, however, I found something I like and I managed to convince The Man to get them for me. Yay! They were a pair of chairs that belonged to an older lady and her daughter was selling them. I like them. They are a bit worn on the velvet, but not bad. They are nice and sturdy and heavier than you'd think.

He doesn't quite understand the appeal, but I like them.

Oh, funny thing. They were selling several items of furniture for her mother, and one of them was a lift chair. For some reason, when we showed up for "the chairs", her husband assumed we meant the lift chair, even thought we'd e-mailed about these ones. We had to laugh at that. We're 29 and 30. Not really shopping for the lift chair, sorry! I think he was just hoping to get rid of the thing and wasn't really thinking.

Oh, and I'm wondering about painting the wood either black or white. What do you think? Or should I just leave them alone? I have no idea where I'm putting them right now. I just kinda liked them.

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow! Great chairs! paint or not to paint....tough question. I'd probably leave them alone if it were me, but I'm a big chicken. I've heard a lot about craig's list but never even looked -- must do that someday!