Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dutch is One Year Old

So you're probably tired of hearing about my dog, but bear with me. I don't have anything else exciting to share with you.

Dutch turned one year old on Saturday. I had started a batch of strawberry cupcakes earlier and run out of eggs, so I decided to finish making them and baked a batch of mini cupcakes and frosted them with strawberry buttercream so that he could have cake on his birthday.

He was pretty excited. This is the audience I had while icing the cupcakes.

I accidentally picked out a "sparkling" candle. Ha!

Dutch didn't like the candle and was irritated that there was a cupcake with fire on it.

Hand over the cupcake!


We shared them with his doggy friends.

Harley does not need a cupcake, but we love him. He is Dutch's best bud.

This is Beans, the newest member of the fam. Dutch isn't sure he likes him,

but he is cute and so he gets a cupcake.

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Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday Dutch! How funny -- he had a little doggie birthday party!