Friday, August 22, 2008

More Painting

I'm running out of things to paint (no, still haven't finished the railing out front) so I've finally moved on to my office. You know how men are with painting wood, so I've avoided this room because it had a lovely knotty pine paneling that men are somehow compelled to hang on to, even if they don't really like it. Well. I'm over it. It was too dark, orange and cave-like. Now its a fresh shade of white! Surprise!

Before, all its lodge-like glory.

Seriously, though, it does brighten it up in here. It took me ages because I painted it in sections so that I could still work and not have to move everything out.

This vent by the door is where Dutch resides in the winter.

I painted it with a brush, so that I could get down into all the little grooves. Ugh. That was tiring. It required 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to cover it all up. Then the trim might require even more, since semi-gloss doesn't seem to cover worth a darn. After the first coat or two of primer, you could see all the cracks between panels really clearly, so I filled those all in with caulk. My favorite. It required a full two tubes of it.

The couch is a hand-me-down from my Grandma. One of these days, I'm going to get it recovered.

Right now, its a purse-holder and mail stash and the blue blanket is where Dutch spends his nights while I work.

I still have to touch up the trim in a few places and paint the extremely dingy yellowing ceiling. But I'm avoiding it, so there are still paint cans and paint on my kitchen counters and an unwashed paint brush in the fridge. Lazy, I know, but I'm having a hard time dragging myself back to it. Must. Get. Motivated.

This is where I reside for hours on end each day. Lovely. I know.

The light fixture is also quite fetching.

I got a new computer a month or so ago and still haven't gotten rid of the old one. I'm paranoid I've forgotten something.

This is my magazine collection and, also, apparently, my junk collection.

I got all excited thinking about getting a nice new rug in here to match the paint job. I remember seeing a gray rug somewhere, so I ended up going to all these different online store trying to remember where it was. I finally located it in the clearance section at West Elm and there was only one size left. Really too big for the room. Ugh. Its gone altogether now. The desk in the picture is cute. Maybe impractical for someone who actually works from home, but cute.

I tried to order some white roller shades at Penneys like the ones that I put in the bedroom windows. First, one size wasn't available and now the other isn't. Darn. I can hardly order one and hope that the other size comes back. So I'm holding on that one. I would like to get new office furniture in here so that The Man can move his computer in here as well, but I haven't decided what I want yet. Oh well. That's a one-of-these-days project around here.

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