Saturday, August 23, 2008

Look! I Made Something!

I don't seem to be making anything these days. I have actually finished another 3 doilies (I've got something bordering on obsession with those at the moment) but haven't blocked them, so there's nothing to show there yet.

I had an inspiration the other day, though, and bought a bunch of shirt patterns and Amy Butler's Weekend Travel Bag and Birdie Sling patterns to try. Hopefully those will actually happen. I'm working on a shirt at the moment.

I did, however, finally make a bag that I've been thinking about. Its a very simple bag, but that's just the way I like it. I was having a terrible time using my brain that night and I managed to cut it out 3 times before I got it the right size. I know. I'm reasonably intelligent, but sometimes, I can't think worth a darn. I'll chalk it up to starting way too late and spending too much time home alone with the dog the past couple weeks.

The first time I cut it out, I cut it the size I wanted it, which doesn't take into account the size of the bottom. I wanted a somewhat fat bottom to it. So I added 2 1/2" to the height and recut. Yeah, I'm that dumb. I neglected to add that amount to the sides as well. I sewed the whole thing together (lining and pockets and all) before I realized that. Sheesh.

Third time was a charm. Although I still had one oversight. I wanted the pockets up towards the top of the bag, so that I didn't have to dig through the bag for my cellphone or credit cards or lip gloss or whatever. I failed to consider that putting things in pockets in the top of the bag would make it collapse. Screw it. I did interface and put a strip of plastic in the bottom so that it has some structure. Good enough for me. I'll know better next time, right?? In my defense, it was 2 AM before I quit and crawled into bed.

Anyway. I like it. I'm having a gray phase. I have more ideas up my sleeve and I hope that I can make them without wasting all that fabric again. Well, not wasted. I'm thinking iPod covers with the excess from the bag. That is, if I can measure the iPod all by myself. Perhaps if I start earlier in the day . . .

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Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh! Very, very nice! I love the rings!!