Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Failed Shirt Experiment

Okay, so I still can't sew clothes.

This is Simplicity 3956.

I suppose it was not the brightest idea to use such a slippery fabric, but that's what I did because I'm like that. I had a hard time cutting out the fabric straight. My hemline was a bit uneven.

It turned out alright, though, until I got the zipper. I am no good at zippers. It was supposed to have an overlap, but I don't know what I'm doing and it did not end up overlapping at all. I'm not sure how to bury the bottom of the zipper either. The instructions said to sew together the two halves from the notch down and then put the zipper in above that. Well, the zipper wasn't as long as the opening, so if you put the zipper in at the top of the shirt, you had a inch or so gapping still below the zipper. Not sure if that was my mistake or what, but I didn't quite understand. It also seems like the zipper is really stiff and it doesn't really lay flat in the shirt. Perhaps its because the fabric is so light? Or maybe the zipper loosens up after washing? No idea.

But its a moot point anyway, since by then I figured out that the dumb thing doesn't even fit me. I got it on, but the zipper wasn't going up the whole way. Oops. Obviously, this is not my size. I imagine that's something I should have realized before I got halfway through. Just guessing.

I should really go take some classes or something. Or try easier shirts first. Either way!

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Thimbleanna said...

The joys of home sewing huh? One of the very hardest things for me is matching up fabric to pattern. And then those fun zippers. I almost never follow where the pattern says to do the zipper placement. I hold the zipper up to the shirt piece and mark where it should end. Sometimes it's where the pattern says, sometimes not. And the stiff zipper with thin fabric is pretty common -- sometimes it will soften a bit in the wash but not always.

Oh well, you learned something and that's what counts, even if your pocketbook says Ouch! (If it's any consolation, it looks good from here LOL!)